Warmer Climates

When you depart for warmer climates, many times you leave extra vehicles at home. This can include cars, trucks, golf carts, motorcycles, etc. Vehicles are a lot like your home, they just don’t appreciate being left alone. Engines need to be periodically run to prevent corrosion and maintain proper lubrication; wheels turned to lubricate axles, seals and bearings; fuels treated to prevent condensation and potential varnishing of carburetors or fuel injection systems. Batteries need to be maintained and charged in order to be fully operational when you return. It is important to move the vehicles periodically to prevent ozone cracking (tire rot) in the tire bulge area, as well as “flat-spotting” from the prolonged strain of sidewall and tread deflection. Tires deflate as they sit and need to be re-inflated to help maintain their integrity. Moisture and humidity can collect inside your vehicle so it is important to maintain dehumidification systems.

Routine Service

All vehicles require routine service per manufacturer’s maintenance intervals and it takes time to transport these to the authorized service centers, havethe work performed and then return. With a stored vehicle, this is difficult to accomplish when you are many miles away or only have limited time available to take care of these errands. After all, do any of us really want to use our valuable vacation time doing these mundane tasks? Not Really! So We can help you! Lake Chelan HomeWatch can keep tabs on your vehicles while you are away. We can start and run the vehicles and exercise all of the systems to keep these in optimum operating condition.

Vehicles Protection

We can setup and monitor your battery tenders to keep batteries from discharging and freezing. We can arrange for vehicle service and transport them to and from your service providers. We can arrange for car washing, oil changes, tire rotations and battery replacements so your vehicle is ready upon your return or when you need it to be put into storage. We can place your vehicles on protective landing strips to prevent deterioration of tires. If you need your stored vehicle delivered to the local airport or train station ready for your arrival, we can assist. Our integrated services allow you to make one call for all of your various needs.

Below is a sample list of vehicle services we can arrange for you.

  • Fuel Stabilization
  • Oil Changes
  • Tire Rotations
  • Car Start-Up/Warm up Drive
  • Battery Charging Maintenance
  • Car Washing/Detailing
  • Scheduled Maintenance Intervals
  • Tire Inflations
  • Vehicle Dehumidification
  • Airport/Train Station Vehicle Delivery
  • Battery Jump Starts
  • Flat Tire Repairs

For more information on this service or any other of our services, please click contact us . Tell us what you need and we will make it happen.