Would you leave your teenagers home alone for very long? PROBABLY NOT! Vacant homes are very much like teenagers, when left alone for very long, undesirable things can happen. WE CAN HELP YOU!

Every client has different needs and these can change like the seasons. We provide a “Keyholder” service specifically tailored to clients looking for a more limited, budget oriented service. Under this service, we hold on to your key(s) in our locked vault. Upon your specific requests, we will then utilize the keys to perform services on an as needed (á la carte) basis subject to additional fees. We can stop by to put delivered packages into your home when you are away, meet service providers and delivery drivers to allow access. We can perform pre-storm and post storm inspections upon your request. If you forget to lock a door, turn on the alarm, turn off the water heater or water or any other issue, call us and we can arrange to stop by and take care of these forgotten items. If your neighbor calls us or you about any suspicious activity or visible damage, we can investigate to determine if any intrusion or damage has occurred and report back to you. If you forget your key or you have a guest coming who needs access, we can meet them, open up and provide them with a temporary key for their use.

90 Point Checklist

Many clients use our full HomeWatch services all year since this is a more proactive and preventative service. The full HomeWatch service is a 90 point checklist inspection designed for those desiring a greater “Peace of Mind” about their properties. Some switch over to the Keyholder Service only during the summer months when they are more actively using their homes. They appreciate the ability to still have someone on call should the need arise when they are many hours of driving time away.

Emergency Services 

In every town, emergency services are typically dispatched to centrally monitored alarms. However, they do not enter the home unless there are visible signs of distress, such as smoke or physical injury. As a result, firefighters and police officers are strictly limited to exterior inspections only. Without a designated key holder at the residence, emergency personnel will not enter your home. Unfortunately, many homeowners return to find unexpected damage or losses. If your alarm system goes off, we can open up the house for emergency personnel and make sure your home is properly secured and re-armed. We inspect for any obvious signs of intrusion or damage and provide a written report to you. When time is of the essence, we are your local contact and advocate and we are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week should you need us.

Experts Advise

In our region of the country, power surges and frequent electrical storms can cause serious damage to all appliances and electronic devices and also potential fires. These events can happen at any time of the year. Electrical storms can quickly develop in a 12 to 24 hour time-frame which doesn’t give absentee owners much advance warning. Experts advise to unplug all electrical devices as soon as you see an approaching storm. Many seasonal homeowners or their renters forget to unplug critical devices simply because they either didn’t know or figured “heck I’m going to be back in a week or two, what could possibly happen?”. By then, it could be too late! Under our full HomeWatch service, we frequently check your home to make sure these devices are unplugged so that you are prepared for these frequent events. With the Keyholder Service, you let us know if you need us to check on your home prior to a storm and we will strive to do our best to accomplish this for you. Please remember that storms can arrive quickly and we need sufficient advance notice from you to accomplish this particular task.

Vacant homes are very much like teenagers, when left alone for very long, undesirable things can happen. WE CAN HELP YOU! We are here so you don’t have to be! For more information, please click here to contact us.