Realtors need to be able to focus the majority of their efforts on marketing and selling new homes to best serve their clients and time spent away from those activities significantly affects their bottom line. The challenge is how best to serve the ongoing needs of all customers while increasing new business opportunities. The answers are simple!

Many vacation rentals in the Lake Chelan Valley are managed by various vacation rental companies requiring the homeowner to commit to a management contract with the rental company. These contracts can result in significant fees depending upon the menu of services offered. A VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner) property is one that is self-managed by a distant homeowner. With this form of management, there also comes a very unique set of challenges. Every renter results in numerous turnover needs ranging from check-in/check-out, key handling, house cleaning, fresh linens, propane refill and many other sundry items. There are also the additional ongoing maintenance and seasonal needs of maintaining any home whether it be a vacation property or not! Emergency repairs can arise at any time of the day or night making it difficult for the distant owner to respond quickly.

Alleviate the Concerns

There are numerous ways Lake Chelan HomeWatch can assist a Realtor and prospective buyers. We partner with the Realtor and new homeowner to alleviate the concerns and issues with purchasing a new home or second vacation home.

Lake Chelan Homewatch is an important tool in your toolbox for the buyer from out of the area who wishes to buy that second dream home. Some buyers are simply reluctant to purchase due to fear of the work involved in maintaining a home from a distance and the insecurity of something going wrong during their absence. These are legitimate concerns for many buyers.

Buy with Confidence

By having a local company to trust who could watch over and facilitate all the homes needs, they could buy with confidence knowing it does not need to be a fearful burden. With that ongoing support, they could come to town, turn the key and enjoy their new home and all the benefits of owning it. Having that peace of mind would allow them to commit to the purchase. We can meet with all the local service providers to get basic services setup for their new home also freeing up the realtor to focus on business essentials.

Homeowner insurance policies for vacant and vacation homes generally have a number of coverage exclusioins for perils that are typically covered in standard primary residence polices, so having a professional Home Watch service frequently checking on these kinds of properties can help in reducing potential damage and losses from theft/burglary, vandalism, storm damage, malicious mischief and freezing of plumbing systems. All insurance polices require prompt notice of any and all damage, police notification of any criminal activity, and the implementation of temporary repairs to prevent further damage or losses. It is difficult for the absentee homeowner to fulfill these duties if they are not present to identify and recognize problems when these occur. This is where a HomeWatch service is extremely valuable for your new client.

Managing Vacant Homes

Another way we can support a Realtor is in managing vacant homes for sale. These homes need regular scheduled maintenance/monitoring to keep the value up and to attract buyers in today’s market. If your owner has had to relocate or lives out of the area, the burden of maintenance and security of this for sale vacant home generally falls to the agent. Being asked to maintain the home when you need to be focused on marketing and selling is not an efficient or a productive use of your time. Lake Chelan HomeWatch can remove these chores from the Realtor’s to-do list. We are a licensed, bonded and insured company capable of managing these tasks thereby removing this liability from your business.

Modify your Homeowner’s Policy?

Once a home becomes vacant or unoccupied for 30 days or more, many homeowner’s insurance policies have provisions for reduced coverage for losses simply because no one is present to monitor and prevent damage. Generally speaking, a homeowner should modify their homeowner’s policy to fit the current living situation of their home from an occupied home to a vacant home in order to have proper coverage. One of the underwriting conditions in vacant home policies can be the requirement for frequent inspection/monitoring of the home as well as other conditions such as making sure the utilities are left on and properly operating, buildings and yards are maintained, etc.. Again, a HomeWatch service can provide that peace of mind and help in protecting your clients’ assets.

Having an agent working on marketing the property and a property management service overseeing the home’s needs, an owner can feel confident that this professional team is focusing on getting their home “SOLD”! To get started, click on this link Contact Us!