RV’s, like homes, need to be periodically inspected, used or maintained in order to provide trouble free performance.  Lake Chelan HomeWatch can assist you in preserving your investment so that your time is devoted to enjoying your vacation.

Designed to Survive

Most recreational vehicles are designed to survive in more temperate climates. Cold and hot temperatures can crack plastic components, damage sensitive electronics, cause batteries to leach acid, freeze up water lines and holding tanks. Condensation, mold and insect/rodent infestations can quickly damage the interiors and cause unhealthy living conditions. Mice chewing on electrical wires can cause fires when you go to turn the power back on. The lack of use or “exercise” of the various system components results in system failures right when you most need them, notwithstanding the significant repair cost to fully restore these systems. Just 12” of heavy snow and ice can add over 2 to 3 tons of additional loading upon roof seams, vents, air conditioners and roof structures as well as on wheels and axles. Unprotected tires experience “dry rot” from ozone and UV radiation. Water can intrude into walls and roofs through open joints, deteriorated slide out and window seals resulting in dry rot and mold. Unused slide outs can rust and corrode preventing proper operation. Leaking propane gas can have disastrous consequences. Vandals can climb up your roof ladders and break through roof vents or skylights stealing your possessions and leaving your rig exposed to water damage.

Protecting your Investment

Most owners just close up their RV’s for the winter and hope for the best until they try and use them next season. There is now a much better option for protecting your investment and making sure it will be ready to use when you are. Do you really want to spend your precious vacation time dealing with problems or enjoying the many amenities of the Chelan Valley? Lake Chelan HomeWatch can also keep tabs on your RV when you are away. Upon each visit, we check for propane odors and take the necessary steps to shut off tanks. We check all interior and exterior areas for water leaks; we test all smoke, carbon monoxide and gas detectors on a monthly basis to ensure proper operation. We monitor your dehumidifiers and empty them as needed and check for any signs of vandalism.

Interior Temperatures

If you leave some form of heat on, we monitor interior temperatures and check all heater cords and outlets for signs of overloading. We also monitor snow and ice accumulations and notify you when it needs to be removed. In the summer season, we exercise all of the plumbing and HVAC components to keep all these systems and seals properly lubricated and operational. We check for evidence of insect or rodent infestation and can implement measures to eliminate these nuisances.

Monitor and Maintain

Your RV systems also rely heavily upon the performance of its 12 volt battery system. Batteries need to be constantly monitored for acid levels and charge status. Wasps and spiders love to build nests in your water heater and furnace combustion vents. Propane tanks need to be periodically refilled. We monitor and maintain these areas so you don’t need to give them a second thought. 

In addition to the above basic services, we can also perform the following items.

  • Operate Slide Outs per manuf. Guidelines
  • Lubricate Slide Hardware to prevent corrosion
  • Lubricate slide seals to prevent UV deterioration
  • Monitor Refer and Freezer temperatures
  • Monitor Tire pressures preventing premature failure
  • Check and re-secure tire covers
  • Replace batteries on smoke/CO detectors
  • Change out expired smoke/CO /gas detectors
  • Test operation of emergency escape windows
  • Snow removal from roof to prevent damage
  • Inspect and test fire extinguishers
  • Test and run generators/check fluid levels
  • Inspect and check all hose and shore power hookups
  • Leak detection testing on city main water meter
  • Storm damage inspection report & pictures
  • Compressed air blowout of A/C Condenser
  • Clean out of A/C condensate pan and drain line
  • Move motorized RV’s to prevent tire flat spotting
  • Engine start ups to circulate fluids
  • Check Propane levels

RV’s, like homes, need to be periodically inspected, used or maintained in order to provide trouble free performance.  Lake Chelan HomeWatch can assist you in preserving your investment so that your time is devoted to enjoying your vacation. Click here to Contact Us!