Did you know that by not routinely operating and maintaining your appliances, you are actually reducing the lifespan and incurring more service calls?  So what are your options when you have a vacation home?

Appliances such as dishwashers and clothes washers have various rubber seals and gaskets that will dry out over time if not frequently used. Cracked or failed seals can then result in water leaks causing other significant damage to your home. According to General Electric, a dishwasher should be run about once per week to keep these seals working properly. General Electric Specifications

A unique challenge of our local climate is the very cold and dry wintertime conditions that produces extremely low relative humidity (RH) levels in most homes. We frequently encounter levels in the low 20% range when the optimum levels should be in the 40 – 60 percent range. Any moisture present in the home in sink and toilet drains and around rubber seals of appliances will rapidly evaporate. Low humidity levels can wreak havoc on many of the components in your home and your water consuming appliances are equally exposed to these risks.

Periodic operation of water consuming appliances as well as running water down all drains will not only improve life expectancy but will also mitigate sewer gases from entering the home.

Fortuantely, there is now a solution to the above challenges. At Lake Chelan HomeWatch , we routinely operate the dishwashers and clothes washers as well as run water down all other plumbing drains to keep these systems in top shape. By running the clothes washer, this also replenishes water in that appliance’s drain trap which frequently dries out in the wintertime.

During the off season, our HomeWatch service continues to manage and monitor other critical aspects of your property, using our multi-point checklist, to insure that it is kept in good condition. We can prepare your home for winter. We check the heat and A/C settings and make sure no flood damage has occurred from frozen water pipes. We inspect the property for pest/insect infestation, signs of intrusion or vandalism and check for storm damage. We are also a significant partner in the emergency response to your home. We can meet with emergency personnel to unlock the home, make temporary repairs, re-secure the windows and doors and document all damage for your insurance carrier.

Why leave your home alone when we can be your eyes, ears and feet on the ground?  Click here to contact us today!